How to use the Northland Slick Stick Bottom Bouncer - Walleye Fishing Video

Mark Martin Professional Walleye Fisherman demonstrating the new Northland Slick Stick Botttom Bouncer.

Catching Lake MacBride Walleyes with Northland Plastics and Hutch Jigs-April 2011 - Walleye Fishing Video

To celebrate the one year anniversary of editors Michael Ganzeveld and Gary Speicher snuck down to Lake MacBride to see what was biting. Gary and Mike located and boated some very nice spring walleyes on a variety of jigs and lures. Northland Slurpies (their version of the ring worm) on a Gum Ball and Hutch jig tipped with a small winnow fished vertically seemed to work the best for us. Water temp hovered in the low fifties. The wind and rain that day made it feel like -50 in the boat! Basically, perfect weather to catch walleyes in Iowa!