Ice Fishing Monster Lake Erie Walleye Fishing - Video

Jonny finally gets on the hard water of one of the great lakes, Lake Erie! He is chasing some huge Erie walleye and the bite is hot! A limit is caught out of an Ohio state park on mainly sweedish pimples!

Lindy rigs floating for walleyes - Al Lindner - Video

Al Lindner shows how to fish for walleyes using slip bobbers.

Walleye Jigging Tips - Video

Walleye Jigging Tips from MN Pro Tom Neustrom

11 lbs of Walleye Fillets

Just in case you didn't catch enough on your last trip out!

Product Description

11 lbs. Walleye Fillets Skin On ******Best Freight Option****** You can enjoy the taste of wild Canadian Walleye in the comfort of your own home.  Your fish will be caught in the pristine lakes of Canada where they are immediately processed and frozen to ensure freshness.  We carefully pack the fillets in plastic and surround them in dry ice for shipment.  Your order is then shipped overnight from our warehouse in Minnesota (to clear customs) to anywhere UPS ships.  Walleye are regarded as the best tasting freshwater fish in the world.  Walleye Information.  Prized by anglers for its tender flaky meat, we have found the best source (not the Great Lakes).  The fillets are between 6-8 ounces, perfect size for a dinner plate, so you can plan for 2 people per pound when you order.  They are cleaned and inspected at a modern facility in Manitoba so are free from bones and ready to cook your favorite recipe.  If you don't have a recipe in mind, we have a list of some of our favorites and invite you to add yours as well.  The skin is left on most off our orders so you can identify the fish as walleye (no zander from us) and it holds in the flavor best while cooking.

Lindner's Pop Jigging for Walleye - Video

Al Lindner and Dan Sura are fishing a post spawn bite in 52 degree water. They show proper jigging techniques that will trigger the Walleye bite.
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Al Lindner: IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame Museum - Video

Al Lindner was inducted into the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame in 2011. To become a member of the IGFA or for more infromation visit