Ty and Jason's Top 5 Ice Fishing Spoon Color Pro Picks


There are so many Ice spoons out there on the market, but today Jason Rylander and Ty Sjodin are going to share their top five ice fishing spoons. We will start out with the VMC Tingler spoon in a UV green color. This is a staple for walleye fisherman across the midwest, and Ty and Jason have had great success with this bait out on Mille Lacs lake in particular. What is unique about the tingler spoon is when it is jigged it really kicks out to the side and flutters down giving off a bunch of flash. The next spoon is the Blade Rattle Spoon made by Clam. Some of their favorite colors are blue and orange. These spoons give off a ton of noise and really call in the fish. Another great rattle spoon option is the Northland Buckshot spoon. This spoon has been around forever and has been a staple for ice fishermen. A new spoon that recently came out that has quickly become a favorite is Northland's Eyeball spoon. Its lifelike design and detail really bring in fish especially Walleys and Perch. The last spoon on the top 5 is the Clam Leach spoon. This ice spoon has a great falling action, along with a strong treble with a feathered tail for some added attractant. These are the top five spoons for Ty and Jason and these are definitely some spoons you guys need to add to your ice fishing arsenal this winter.


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