Ontario Summer Walleye Fishing With An Original Rapala Lure - Video

July 19, 2011. Catching summer Walleye using an original floating Rapala lure. Very hot summer day with forest fire haze in the air.

I am using a 3 oz sinker which is actually a modified bottom bouncer weight which slides up and down the line like a slip sinker. I like 3 oz because I am usually fishing between 25 and 50 feet in summer or if I am shallower there is current and that needs some weight too. The original Rapala is a floater so that keeps it from getting hung up when trolling.

Unlike most who fish for Walleye in Northwestern Ontario, I do not use live minnows for bait but like to reach deep into my tackle box for lures of the past and occasionally try some new lures.

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